Designing or maintaining a human-rated spacecraft or some other space related vehicle or component?

We can help!

Our engineers and subject matter experts have years of experience in the following areas:

Project Engineering

  • Development, Review and Modification of Engineering Products
  • Risks and Opportunities Management
  • Facilitate the Release of Engineering Drawings including Product Structure Development and Change Boards

Mechanical Design Engineering

  • Design, Development, Testing and Engineering of Single Parts to Complete Mechanical Assemblies
  • Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Requirements Development, Test Plan Derivation and Manufacturing Planning
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Stack-up Analysis

Electrical Engineering

  • Detailed Design of Electrical Systems and Test Equipment
  • Real-time Embedded Systems Integration
  • Integrated Systems Troubleshooting
  • Parts and Materials Selection
  • FFMEA and CG Analysis

Simulation and Graphics

  • Trick Simulation Math Models and Applications
  • Simulation Products
  • Virtual Reality Software Research, Design and Development

Spacecraft Software

  • System Engineering and Integration
  • Software Engineering Analysis Test Bed
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control Software Development
  • Advanced Robotics Software

Safety and Mission Assurance

  • Develop and Implement Hardware/Software Assurance Programs for Space Flight and Aeronautics Programs
  • Perform Quality, Safety and Reliability Assessments
  • Provide Technical Expertise for Design Reviews/Changes
  • Develop/Implement Risk Management Programs
  • Provide Software Quality Assurance Services
  • Develop/Implement Configuration Management Programs
  • Define, Support and Implement Reliability and Quality Assurance Programs

Stress Analysis

  • Finite Element and Classical Stress Analysis of Mechanical Elements of Development, Test and Flight Vehicles
  • Preliminary and Final Analyses, Part Sizing, Fatigue/Fracture Assessment, Drawing Coordination and Sign-off
  • Test Support and Correlation, Analysis Presentations and Documentation of Analyses for Deliverable Stress and Fracture Reports

Some of the projects that we’ve contributed to include:

The Space Shuttle • The International Space Station • The James Webb Space Telescope • Project Morpheus • The ORION Multipurpose Crew Vehicle!

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