Designing or maintaining a human-rated spacecraft or some other space related vehicle or component?

We can help!

Our engineers and subject matter experts have years of experience in the following areas:

Project Engineering
Picture7 Development, Review and Modification of Engineering Products
Picture7 Risks and Opportunities Management
Picture7 Facilitate the Release of Engineering Drawings including Product Structure Development and Change Boards

Mechanical Design Engineering
Picture7 Design, Development, Testing and Engineering of Single Parts to Complete Mechanical Assemblies
Picture7 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) Requirements Development, Test Plan Derivation and Manufacturing Planning
Picture7 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Stack-up Analysis

Electrical Engineering
Picture7 Detailed Design of Electrical Systems and Test Equipment
Picture7 Real-time Embedded Systems Integration
Picture7 Integrated Systems Troubleshooting
Picture7 Parts and Materials Selection
Picture7 FFMEA and CG Analysis

Simulation and Graphics
Picture7 Trick Simulation Math Models and Applications
Picture7 Simulation Products
Picture7 Virtual Reality Software Research, Design and Development

Spacecraft Software
Picture7 System Engineering and Integration
Picture7 Software Engineering Analysis Test Bed
Picture7 Guidance, Navigation and Control Software Development
Picture7 Advanced Robotics Software

Safety and Mission Assurance
Picture7 Develop and Implement Hardware/Software Assurance Programs for Space Flight and Aeronautics Programs
Picture7 Perform Quality, Safety and Reliability Assessments
Picture7 Provide Technical Expertise for Design Reviews/Changes
Picture7 Develop/Implement Risk Management Programs
Picture7 Provide Software Quality Assurance Services
Picture7 Develop/Implement Configuration Management Programs
Picture7 Define, Support and Implement Reliability and Quality Assurance Programs

Stress Analysis
Picture7 Finite Element and Classical Stress Analysis of Mechanical Elements of Development, Test and Flight Vehicles
Picture7 Preliminary and Final Analyses, Part Sizing, Fatigue/Fracture Assessment, Drawing Coordination and Sign-off
Picture7 Test Support and Correlation, Analysis Presentations and Documentation of Analyses for Deliverable Stress and Fracture Reports

Some of the projects that we’ve contributed to include:

The Space Shuttle • The International Space Station • The James Webb Space Telescope • Project Morpheus • The ORION Multipurpose Crew Vehicle!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you design and maintain your critical, time sensitive, aerospace projects.