At Recruit Veterans, we value all of our employees and “take care of our own”. We maintain an atmosphere of open and honest communication.

We provide opportunities including: Recruit Veterans Corporate Headquarters, Government Contract, Temp-Hire and Direct-Placement.


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“I am a veteran that had been looking for work for some time. I was going through many different sources but was unable to find work in my field. Then I was contacted by Recruit Veterans and they told me about their program and how they help veterans find work. After a few short weeks I was finally working thanks to Recruit Veterans and its hard working staff. I will refer all veterans I know to them so that they can experience this great service.”

-Army Veteran

“I heard about Recruit Veterans a few years ago but never followed up with them until this year (2014). I created a profile and posted my resume on their website in Sep 2014. I also registered and attended a job fair that same month. I received a call from a Recruit Veterans Recruiter about a position with one of their clients (Oct 2014). I was amazed at how quickly I was interviewed, received an (attractive) offer and then started working in the new position. Recruit Veterans Recruiter and his team made it happen for me!”

-Retired USAF Veteran

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