September 11, 2001 will forever be embedded in everyone’s minds as the day that changed how people work, live, and play. The terrorist attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center’s twin towers, damaged the Pentagon, and took almost 3,000 lives represent a turning point in history.

Since that day, the United States has been embroiled in an international military campaign dubbed the War on Terror to root out terrorist organizations and the regimesthat support them. For U.S. Marine Corps veteran Rudy Uribe, 9/11 not only reignited his passion for military
service, but also set the wheels in motion for him to begin a business that would meet the needs of military veterans. Uribe, who served in the Marines for 11 years before receiving a medical discharge in 1999, was so moved by the events of September 11 and his love for the United
States that he contacted the Marines to re-enlist. “There were all of these emotions that obviously went through a lot of people, as well as me. I felt it was still my patriotic duty to try to get back into the Marine Corps,” he says.